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PCGS 2017 1oz Gold South African Krugerrand MS68

2017 1oz Gold South African Krugerrand 50th Anniversary Edition MS68 Mint-State 'Premium Quality' MS68: An very prominent, well defined strike. Full mint lustre. Outstanding eye appeal. No visible marks of any nature are present on the coins primary surfaces under average magnification power. A coin with outstanding surface quality. PCGS Population Worldwide: 13
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PCGS 2006 1oz Gold Chinese Panda MS65

2006 1oz Gold Chinese Panda MS65 Mint-State 'Average' MS65: The strike should be average and preferably sharp for the issue. The luster is above average although full mint luster is not required like MS66 and MS67 grades are. Bagmarks can be present, but should not detract greatly from the coin's overall beauty. Generally, MS65's are above average for the issue with attractive luster and are appealing coins overall. PCGS Population Worldwide: 1
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