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Gold coins can be an ideal way to preserve your wealth. Gold coins have the status of legal tender and are produced by a sovereign government’s mint (such as The Royal Mint and United States Mint).

You can be confident when you buy gold coins from Direct Bullion because of the reputation we have achieved through years of dedication and excellent customer service, culminating in winning numerous awards. Additionally, for extra peace of mind, all deliveries are sent by special courier and are fully insured.

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Why People Buy Gold Coins From Direct Bullion

People buy their gold coins from Direct Bullion because we are the only bullion supplier to meet all 4 critical requirements:

1. Rated UK’s No.1*

We are proud to be rated the UK’s No.1 Bullion Dealer from the respected Bullion Directory. In addition, we have won multiple awards for service excellence and are independently rated at 4.8 out of 5.

2. Smooth, secure delivery

For your complete peace of mind, all items are fully-insured for delivery and with door to door tracking. All items are delivered by reputable courier companies giving you confidence every step of the way.

3. Expert information

You have unlimited access to our friendly specialists who are on-hand to answer any questions you may have to help maximise your results and achieve your objectives.

4. Ongoing support

You will be assigned your own personal gold specialist who will work for you to keep you up to date with your gold, its growth and the financial markets. You will also receive a complimentary subscription to our exclusive publication, InFocus (worth £299 per year).

This combination - only from Direct Bullion - has led to a long-standing reputation for integrity, professionalism and care, which has cemented the Direct Bullion position as one of the world’s go-to services for purchasing gold coins.

Our team of gold experts are on-hand to help you every step of the way in your purchase of gold coins. You can simply call them on 0800 055 7050. Naturally, you can also purchase any of the above gold coins from our secure website.

Why Gold Increases in Value

Gold has increased in value by an average 12.5% per year from 2005-22 (Source: Goldprice).

There are many factors that drive the price with each individual factor able to propel the value of gold upwards by itself. Yet often, these factors work at the same time to drive even further growth.

  • Interest Rates

    Gold can benefit from both lower and higher interest rates. Lower interest rates suggest a weaker economy, which can turn people away from stocks and shares and towards gold. 

    Meanwhile higher interest rates can lead to more mortgage defaults, etc. which can push people towards gold as a form of wealth insurance.

  • Inflation

    As goods and services become more expensive, your cash buys less and less. As a result, if your earnings and investments are not keeping up with inflation then unfortunately you will be getting poorer.

    As inflation damages the value of cash, many people are inspired to move their wealth into gold for added protection.

  • Uncertainty

    At times of national or international uncertainty (created by the political, social, economic, etc. situation), people naturally want to reduce their risk and protect what they have.

    As gold is considered a safe-haven asset, this uncertainty can increase the demand for gold, and therefore increase its price.

  • Supply

    Gold is a finite resource. When compared to the 19702, 80s, and 90s, far fewer 50+ million, 30+ million or 15+ million ounce gold deposits are now being found, with mining production having levelled since 2016 (source: Investopedia). 

    This decrease in gold supply can then lead to higher gold prices.

  • Currency Movements

    The price of gold is dollar denominated. As a rule, when the dollar is weaker, relative to other currencies worldwide, the price of gold tends to increase in US dollar terms. This is because people want to move their wealth away from the dollars and into gold.

  • Versatility of Gold

    Gold has many uses beyond becoming coins or bars - the jewellery market accounted for 55.4% of the global gold demand in 2022.

    The gold jewellery material segment is projected to register the fastest growth of the entire jewellery market from 2022 to 2030 (Source: Statista). This strong demand for gold can then contribute to the overall increase in gold prices.

These factors can drive significant growth in the value of your gold coins over time.

About Gold Coins

Gold coins have a legal tender status and are produced by a sovereign government’s mint. Most gold coins feature a face value and year stamped on the obverse (or front), with their purity and weight inscribed on the reverse (or back).

Gold coins typically sell at a slightly higher price than the metal’s spot price. This is commonly due to their collectability, status as legal tender, rarity and the work involved in minting the coin. This price difference is known as the ‘premium’ and when gold is popular, the premiums often increase too.

As a result, people who choose to protect their wealth with gold coins are able to make money in two ways - firstly from the natural rise in gold prices, and secondly through the increase in the premium.

There are two main types of gold coins - loose gold coins and graded gold coins - both types are shown above. Graded gold coins have a protective case which keeps the coin in it's graded condition. As a reputable bullion dealer, Direct Bullion are an authorised dealer of the PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service).

The Tax-Free Benefits of Gold Coins

One of the reasons why gold coins are so popular is that they can enjoy numerous tax benefits.

  • Gold coins are VAT-free
  • All gold coins supplied by Direct Bullion are VAT-free
  • UK gold coins are also Capital Gains Tax-free to UK residents so there is no tax on the growth of your investment, giving you the full benefit of your smart decisions

These tax benefits exist because UK gold coins are regarded as legal tender and are viewed as a form of currency. If you were to present a gold coin to the bank, the coin would be classed as being worth its face value, e.g. £100, rather than its retail value.

With gold coins, obviously the metal content is significantly more valuable than the face value - this is the complete opposite of the standard-issue £2, £1, 50p, 20p, 5p, 2p and 1p coins where the metal value is miniscule (even less than their face value).