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Making Money is Easy, Keeping It is the Hard Part


Wealth preservation is a topic that we’re incredibly passionate about here at Direct Bullion. What we have noticed over the years is there are three key strategies that high net worth individuals typically use to create, increase, maximise and protect their hard-earned wealth.

  • The top investing strategy to the ultra-wealthy is diversification, competent investors know that a diverse portfolio limits the level of risk in your investments.
  • Seeking advice from the professionals in the industry is a given, if you are new to the market or a seasoned buyer of precious metals, asking for a professional opinion or forecast is unequivocally required.
  • Tax Ramifications, this is high on strategy lists as high levels of tax costs could erode your returns, which nobody wants. So, understanding the importance of what tax you will pay in advance is a key benefit.

The High Net Worth team at Direct Bullion specialise in assisting you to diversify your portfolio, provide forecasting from one of the world’s leading precious metals consultancies, whilst outlaying a package that is tax efficient and cost effective. Working exclusively with High-Net-Worth individuals (HNWi) who are committed to trades of £1 million+ per transaction and Ultra High-Net-Worth individuals (UHNWi) who are committed to trades more than £10 million+ per transaction.

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