PCGS 2021 1oz Gold Queen's Beast 'Completer' MS68


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202011oz Gold Queen's Beast 'Completer' MS68 Mint-State 'Premium Quality

MS68: A very prominent, well-defined strike. Full mint lustre. Outstanding eye appeal. No visible marks of any nature are present on the coins primary surfaces under average magnification power. A coin with outstanding surface quality.

PCGS Population Worldwide:

    Coin Weight: 1oz
    Gold Purity: 999.9
    Brand: The Royal Mint
    Country: United Kingdom
    PCGS Mint State: MS 68
    CGT Free: Yes

    The Queens Beast 'The Completer'
    Gold Coin - Limited Edition


    - The Queen's Beast Series -

    2016 - Lion of England

    2017 - Griffin of Edward

    2017 - Red Dragon of Wales

    2018 - Black Bull of Clarence

    2018 - Unicorn of Scotland

    2019 - Falcon of Plantagenets

    2019 - Yale of Beaufort

    2020 - White Lion of Mortimer

    2020 - White Horse of Hannover

    2021 - White Greyhound of Richmond

    2021 - The Completer 

    The Queen’s Beasts are ten legendary creatures who symbolize the
    historic ancestry of Her Majesty The Queen. As a set of ten statues,
    each bearing the shield or crest of the family they represented, they
    stood guard outside Westminster Abbey in 1953 as the world watched
    Her Majesty’s coronation.

    As The Queen’s Beasts Collection, their mythical stories have been reimagined for the twenty-first century in a series of ten popular coin designs by the celebrated designer Jody Clark.
    Now, the collection draws to a close with The Queen’s Beasts 2021
    bullion coin.

    The final design in the collection features all ten beasts arranged in a protective circle around The Queen. It is the only coin in the series to unite all ten beasts with the monarch whose heritage they represent in one unique design.