Storing AWG

1a. Install MetaMask

The easiest way to interact with the Ethereum blockchain is by using a browser extension called MetaMask. It's available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers. Unfortunately, MetaMask isn't available for Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge.

Open in your favorite browser and install the MetaMask browser extension.


From the Google Chrome Web Store, install MetaMask and accept it's terms and conditions.


2. Create your Wallet (MetaMask tutorial)

Once MetaMask is installed, you will see the logo (Screen_Shot_2019-10-27_at_14.19.51.png) in the Chrome top-bar on the right of the page URL. Follow the setup process from MetaMask.


When MetaMask prompts if you have have a wallet or want to create a new one, select the second option: "Create a wallet".


Accept the MetaMask terms and conditions.


Set a password for your MetaMask account.


Download and backup the secret key to your wallet. The best way to store it is offline, printed or written on a piece of paper. If you lose your private key, you cannot recover your account. 


You now have an Ethereum wallet and you can use it to buy, store and trade AWG and AWX.



3. Use Aurus Web Wallet

Open the Aurus Web-Wallet available at and press the Connect with MetaMask button.



If your MetaMask account was locked, it will prompt you to enter your password.


After your account is unlocked, it will prompt you to connect with Aurus web wallet application. 


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