2023 1oz 24k Gold UK Tudor Beast 'Bull of Clarence'

Manufacturer: The Royal Mint
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The Royal Mint
United Kingdom
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Capital Gains Tax-free
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FREE, insured delivery
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Price Promise Guarantee*
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The First Ever Tudor Beasts Gold Coin To Feature King Charles III

The 2023 1oz Bull of Clarence Tudor Beast gold coin is the third coin from the Tudor Beast gold coins series. Numerous benefits make them incredibly popular with those who want a tax-free way to protect and grow their wealth:

  • VAT-free
  • Capital Gains Tax-free in the UK
  • The third in the iconic Tudor Beasts gold coins series
  • The first Tudor Beast gold coin to feature the portrait of King Charles III for added historical significance
  • Receive £100 of silver coins FREE when you spend over £5000 online*

The Tudor Beasts Bull of Clarence is the 2023 gold coin featuring the very first (uncrowned) King Charles III portrait has a very limited production run.

Following the Lion of England and Yale of Beaufort, the third coin in the Tudor Beasts gold coin collection features the Bull of Clarence. Representing strength and wealth, the heraldic Bull of Clarence was specifically chosen to join the King’s Beasts on the Moat Bridge to emphasise Henry VIII’s ancestral links to the powerful Yorkist dynasty.

The bull appears against a background that resembles chain mail and includes eye-catching surface animation which also acts as a strong security feature. The obverse features the first ever portrait of King Charles III on the Tudor Beasts series.


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As a SPECIAL OFFER, for a limited period, you can get £100 of silver coins for FREE when you spend £5000 or more on gold coins or bars online*. No promo code needed. Just buy now and you will also receive the silver coins.


Free, Smooth and Secure Delivery of your Physical Gold

We have made thousands of successful deliveries to happy clients over the years and want you to enjoy an excellent delivery experience too:

  • All deliveries are made using special courier
  • All deliveries are fully-insured
  • Deliveries can be made anywhere in the UK, including the Channel Islands
  • Your gold can be delivered to your home or stored in a secure vault

Delivered to your home

Simply complete your purchase online and your gold will be delivered to your home address within 3-5 working days.

After completing your online purchase, you will receive a call from our friendly despatch team to arrange for the smooth delivery of your coins, on a day that is convenient for you (Tuesday - Saturday).

Door-to-door tracking information can be provided for your added peace of mind.

For extra security, your delivery will be sent in discreet packaging and need to be signed-for upon receipt.

Delivered to a secure vault

Please call us on 0207 058 4653 to purchase by phone. Your gold will then be delivered directly to the vault where it will be securely stored. You can have your gold sent to your home at a later date if required.

Unlike with other companies, you won’t be charged on a daily basis for your storage (which can become expensive when the gold price increases). With Direct Bullion, you only pay a simple 1% fee per year, thereby keeping storage costs low.

Secure Payments for Total Peace of Mind

It's fast, easy and secure to buy gold coins and bars on our website:

  • Secure online checkout process.
  • Complete your purchase in just a few clicks, in under 3 minutes.
  • All credit and debit cards accepted (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Discover, etc.) except American Express.

To purchase these coins, simply click the green ‘Buy Now’ button on this page. You will then be shown the online checkout where you can securely complete your purchase.

All payments are secure and compliant with end to end encryption and data tokenisation, and is fully PCI DSS compliant.

At any time, if you wish to speak to one of our friendly team, please call us on 0207 058 4653.

As Easy to Sell as it is to Buy

Selling your gold is smooth and straightforward:

  • Sell some or all of your gold back to us.
  • Receive a no-obligation appraisal and quote.
  • Once a price is agreed and we have received your gold, you will receive the agreed value.
  • Our friendly team are available on 0207 058 4653 to answer any questions you may have.

As gold is a long-term store of wealth, we recommend holding your gold for a minimum of 5 years. Then, when the time is right, we would like to buy some or all of your gold off you.

If you buy graded coins from us, you can receive up to 95% of the value of your gold on the day. If you buy loose coins or bars from us, you can receive up to 90% of the value of your gold on the day.

For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions.

If you would like more information, please speak to one of our friendly team by calling us on 0207 058 4653.

Why Buy 2023 Tudor Beasts 'Bull of Clarence' Gold Coins from Direct Bullion


We are proud to be the only bullion supplier to meet all 4 requirements that clients want:

1. Rated UK’s No.1*

We have won numerous awards for service excellence and are independently rated No.1 in the UK*

2. Free, Secure Delivery

Every item is fully-insured for delivery and our Money Back Guarantee gives you total confidence

3. Expert Information

Enjoy unlimited access to our friendly specialists who will help you get the best results possible

4. Ongoing Updates

You are kept up to date with your gold, its growth and important market movements


Direct Bullion was created because our team firmly believes that those who purchase a premium product such as gold deserve a premium service.

We couldn’t find a bullion dealer that provided the excellent service levels that we felt clients’ deserve - and so we launched Direct Bullion to provide that service.

Now, after many years and with numerous happy clients across the world, we are proud that our clients continue to choose us for our professionalism, service and reputation. We hope that you too will join our rapidly growing number of clients.

The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint is one of the world’s oldest organisations, established over 1,100 years ago. The Royal Mint is owned by the UK government and is the sole, official maker of British coins, including all UK gold coins (banknotes are printed by the Bank of England). It operates under the Royal Charter which was granted by the UK monarchy.

The Royal Mint are responsible for designing and creating collections of gold coins, such as the world famous Britannia gold coins, the hugely popular Queen’s Beast gold coins and the Tudor Beasts gold coins.

The Royal Mint are well known for their craftsmanship which come from using experienced artists and engravers to create the delicate and detailed designs on the gold coins.

Direct Bullion is proud to be the official partner of The Royal Mint, giving our clients a smooth, simple and secure way to convert their wealth into UK gold coins.

Money Back Guarantee


Direct Bullion Guarantee

Direct Bullion is the only bullion dealer in the UK to offer you this powerful Money Back Guarantee:

  • Every item you buy from Direct Bullion will be genuine. Guaranteed.
  • Every delivery will be fully insured. Guaranteed.
  • 100% money back guarantee provides you with total confidence.

This guarantee enables you to buy with total confidence and happily join the countless number of delighted clients who have used us over the years, the UK’s No.1 Rated Bullion Dealer*.

Frequently Asked Questions


With so many clients over the years, we have answered the most common questions we get asked about 2023 1oz Bull of Clarence gold coins featuring the King Charles III portrait:

How do I know the gold coins are genuine?

Direct Bullion provides gold and silver from the world’s leading mints: The Royal Mint, US Mint, Rand Refinery, Perth Mint, Austrian Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Chinese Central Mint, and many more.

Direct Bullion provides LBMA-accredited gold and silver bars and coins. LBMA is the international trade association representing the global market for gold and silver bullion, and we proudly adhere to their strict code of conduct.

What our clients say:

“The gold coins were fantastic! They came in nice, sealed plastic cases and a storage box. The delivery packaging was very discrete.”


“The product was exactly what they said it would be. In fact, I was more impressed with them in real life than in the images.”

How do I know the coin will be delivered?

You can choose to have your gold coins and bars delivered to your home or to a secure vault. Most people prefer to have their coins delivered to their home however either option is equally straightforward for us to accommodate so it is entirely personal preference.

People choose Direct Bullion because our delivery method gives you 100% peace of mind:

  • Provided by special courier
  • Fully-insured throughout the journey
  • Door-to-door tracking

If you would like your gold stored in a vault, unlike with other companies, you won’t be charged on a daily basis for your storage (which can become extremely expensive when the gold price increases). There is just a simple 1% fee per year which keeps storage costs low.

What our clients say:

“This is the third company I have used and they are by far the best one. Quick delivery and amazing quality.”


“What I purchased is in very good condition. Thanks again. All arrived safe and sound.”


Why is Direct Bullion a reputable organisation?

We have been established for many years, have all our company records easily-accessible in Companies House, have been featured on Sky News, GB News, The Telegraph, This is and many more, and we have numerous happy clients across the world - so you can be confident that we are here for you too.

I would strongly recommend Direct Bullion to anyone

I have dealt with Direct Bullion on many occasions and always found them to be very friendly, helpful and well-informed. I’m very pleased with the deals I have made and I would recommend them to anyone.”


“Stupidly I dealt with a gold startup company which promised me this, that and everything but turned out to be dishwater.

Luckily, I was recommended Direct Bullion. The service was impeccable, they answer the phone every time and always help me out. Zero pressure, just real facts. I had the perfect experience with Direct Bullion.”

5 Ways Tudor Beast Gold Coins Preserve Wealth



Gold Price Over Time



Gold has increased in value by an average 12.5% per year 2005-22 (Source: Goldprice).

Gold has a long history of performing well in uncertain or less stable times (recessions, weakening markets, political developments,  international issues, etc.) :

  • 2007 = US mortgage crisis and credit crunch = gold up by 29.2%
  • 2008 = UK recession = gold up by 43.2%
  • 2009 = UK recession continued to late 2009 = gold up by 12.7%
  • 2011 = Governments or Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Italy and Spain collapse through sovereign debt = gold up by 10.5%
  • 2016 = Brexit vote and Trump elected president = gold up by 30.2%
  • 2019 = Brexit negotiations = gold up by 14.2%
  • 2020 = Covid pandemic = gold up by 20.9%

As history repeats itself, we will regularly face such challenges again in the future.

Through the intelligent protection of their wealth, the clients of Direct Bullion can come out of these situations in a better position.

Easily and Securely Buy the 2023 Tudor Beast Bull of Clarence Gold Coin


You can easily convert your wealth into 2023 Bull of Clarence gold coins with Direct Bullion.

  • Buy online

Simply click the ‘Buy Now button to securely make your purchase. It takes about 3 minutes. You will then receive your 2023 Tudor Beasts Bull of Clarence gold coins by special courier.

  • Buy by phone

You can simply call us on +44 207 058 4653 and speak with one of our friendly gold experts. They are also on hand if you have any questions. If you would like to have your 2023 Bull of Clarence 1oz gold coins stored in a vault, please call us.

To help you keep up to date with your gold, you will be assigned your own personal gold specialist who will work for you to provide you with regular updates, personalised insights and expertise so you can achieve the best results. You will also receive a complimentary subscription to our exclusive publication, InFocus (worth £299 per year).

When the time is right, you can easily sell some or all of your gold back to us using our Buy Back Policy. You will receive a no-obligation appraisal and quote. Then, once a price has been agreed and we have received your gold, your account will be credited. For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions.



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